Collaborating with HICKIES was an opportunity to merge creativity with functionality. My task was to illustrate thirty unique shoe designs, each adorned with HICKIES brand laces. With a keen understanding of their innovative lacing system, which caters to both fashion and accessibility, I crafted digital illustrations that highlighted the versatility and adaptability of their product. Utilizing a blend of precise line work and a watercolor aesthetic, the illustrations not only showcased the aesthetic appeal of the shoes but also emphasized the practicality and inclusive design ethos of the HICKIES brand.

In approaching this project, my aim was twofold: to capture the essence of each shoe design while also accentuating the accessibility of HICKIES’ lacing system. By infusing each illustration with a distinctive personality and style, I sought to convey the diverse range of options enabled by HICKIES’ innovative product. Through careful attention to detail, I ensured that each illustration delivered to the client not only met but exceeded their expectations, ultimately contributing to the brand’s promotion and mission of enhancing footwear accessibility for all.

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