Vital Force Fitness

Vital Force Fitness is an online coaching platform dedicated to empowering individuals to live fully, become strong, and maintain optimal health. Specializing in custom workout and meal plans, along with 24/7 accountability and knowledge-based content, the founder strives to create a community where members feel both empowered and supported in their fitness journey.

In crafting the logo for Vital Force Fitness, my aim was to embody the essence of strength, vitality, and empowerment. Through strategic use of sharp diagonal lines and a vibrant orange to red gradient, the logo evokes a sense of liveliness and fierceness. By seamlessly integrating the letters F and V, the design not only communicates the brand’s initials but also subtly resembles an EKG, symbolizing vitality and life. With every element carefully considered, the logo serves as a powerful visual representation of Vital Force Fitness’s mission to inspire individuals to embrace their strength and vitality while pursuing their health goals.

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